Statement of Intent

My practice spans photography, video, drawing & painting with a symbiotic, aim to investigate the wider impact of social issues on an individual’s daily  & emotionality. The way I present aspects of my findings is through expressive portraiture, with the topic range thus so far including documenting urban/ street life in Los Angeles via traveling across the extensive bus network “Life is Luck”.  The left-over signs of the drinking culture and the backdrop is provided to society in the UK, “We Are Disposable”. Fast food  & moments of anguish, “Take Away Dreams” & the current series focused on the interior environment of betting shops in the UK,   Safe Bet.

My aim, whether holding a camera or picking up a paintbrush, is to examine different environments & the context where I find people simply trying to achieve something in daily life.
The recording of these unassuming split seconds, usually photographically allows me to reinterpret people’s emotions, later on, even heightening certain aspects I find worthy of closer attention. People’s faces & expressions act as a window into how and what they might be feeling in the present moment. This has always greatly intrigued me & encourages to direct a viewer’s attention in an empathetic manner.   I hope to ignite curiosity about all types of people and the life they lead, whilst allow enough space for one’s own interpretation.

To steer the viewer towards a view that isn’t fully divorced from a real-life context, I often use found objects like consumer packaging & crushed cans instead of canvas, so to provide a physical & cultural backdrop to the subject matters I depict, which has been an ongoing thread throughout my work.

My latest exhibition film can be viewed below