Artistically, I’m driven by curiosity about the human experience in different environments, which I often explore & instigate across a variety of media’s to spark debate, not conclusions.    

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AAA- Alternative Art Analysis

AAA– Alternative Art Analysis is an investigation/reviews of artistic points & places of interest whether an exhibition or cultural festival. Enjoy the analysis


Throwing Shade/ Nabihah Iqbal

Throwing Shade-  Hashtag IRL – unofficial official video

 Director/Editor- Oliver Malin  (Purloined from found footage)









Nabihah Iqbal-  06 Zone to 6000 –Official music video coming soon

Direction/ Camera/ Editing- Oliver Malin

Aerial Photography- Geordie Barrie





A giant, cracked egg is going about his daily business, popping to the shops etc when he is inadvertently ambushed by people he meets in the street, who are drawn to his cosmic rhythm & the dancing energy he gives off with every footstep. He injects this dancing spirit via his endless rhymic legs into a gang of street kids & revelers at Hackney carnival before finding his way back home, but not before double up as the ultimate source of good vibes.


Direction & Editing/ Oliver Malin

Camera Operators/ Jordi Castan/Oliver Malin

The Egg Maker- Gabby Sellen